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Professional in the inbound industry

Starting from successfully delivering the task for Visit Japan project, we have been serving a number of customers from both government and private sectors for more than 10 years. Currently, our company is assigned to supervise more than 10 projects each year.

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Direct access to the local media resources

We have the direct connection to various local media resources, e.g., government agents, press, tour companies. Lessen your hassle and cost by using our service to marketise to the right target.

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Efficient planning & prompt response

We have a number of local staffs who have been familiar with the local market, not only in East Asia, we have expanded our professionals to the South East Asia region, e.g, Thai, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. With the 「Speed = Value」business principle, we are committed to handle our clients promptly.

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Media customisation

With our inbound tourism promotion experience, we always customize the media to fit your business value. We cherry-pick each items which fit with your business agenda and deliver the successful outcome.

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The Expert in Japan Inbound Tourism Consulting and Promotion Firm, established in 2015 and affiliated of JCT (日中総合サービス) in Osaka. We have been in the Japan inbound tourism business for 12 years, our clients are from both government and private sectors. We are committed to continue our best calibre to the clients which is the core value of our company. Started with serving the Japanese clients to promote their business to the Chinese speaking market, the principle of the「Sugoi」way by equipping the local knowledge and mentality has brought the success to many projects. As the result, there are the increase of the visitors from the China, Taiwan, Hong kong and Korea every year. Lately, there are a number of visitors from South East Asia and also Europe, the requirements have been changed and more challenging. Still, we implement our principle of「Sugoi」way to understand the local behaviour and mentality when travelling abroad. Also, our strong media and travel related agents in the targeted country. This is why we always bring the most effective outcome to our customers.

Our Products

「Sugoi」products for you to explore

Xiāo Yáo Guān Xī Yóu

Free Chinese Travel Magazine
In autumn 2009, we published Xiāo Yáo Guān Xī Yóu for the first time. “We really want to promote an interesting city called “Osaka” to Chinese market. We started from making hand-made flyers, the number of pages have being increased, and our range have increased from “Osaka Tourism” until “Kansai Travel”. We published the simplified and traditional Chinese edition with travel information and discount coupons inside the magazine.

Sudyod Japan

A Facebook fanpage for Japan travel information
The Facebook fanpage which targets the Thai facebookers who love everything about Japan. We collect all 「Sugoi」of Japan, ranging from famous travel spots to life of the Japanese.

Kansai Travel

All Kansai travel information in one place
If you are planning to travel in the Kansai region ( Mie, Nara, Wakayama, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyōgo, and Shiga). This website offers you all the information so you will be ready to travel in Kansai without hassle.All Kansai travel information is collected here !!


All Japan travel information in Chinese
iujapan is a website which collects all the information about Japan travel for Chinese visitors. The abundant of the information from all tourist spots and Japanese gourmet from all over Japan.

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